Helsport Fonnfjell Pro 2 Green
Award-winning and flexible tunnel tent with three entrances.Note: Poles for the porch are not inclued with the tent.

Fonnfjell Pro is a little different than our other tunnel tents. The tent has three alternative entrances.

Quite unique is that one of them is a large side opening that easily can be transformed into a sheltered porch using two poles (optional) as support. This creates a huge area for cooking even when the rain is pouring. With the entrances closed, the tent have a large vestibule. The inner tent has extra oor length and more than enough space for even the largest sleeping mats. Large pockets inside make it easy to organize and keep the tent nice and tidy. This tent is perfect for shing and shorter trips, as well as any kind of hike in the mountains.
Fonnfjell Pro is comfort with a view!

Helsport Rainguard® Pro, 3000 mm
For the rest of the PRO and X-TREM tents we have developed a solid outer tent fabric. It is over eight times more durable and tear resistant than normal fabrics, woven with the nest thread and coated on both sides with silicone. Naturally this fabric also features strong resistance to UV-rays and excellent fabric stability under changing weather and temperature conditions. It has a water column of minimum 3000 mm. This fabric is also used as a ground sheet for the SuperLight tents.

Helsport Airflow Pro:
The fabrics used in our PRO and X-TREM tents, are light and strong 30D polyester fabrics. The ripstop increases the tear strength and the fabrics are highly water repellent and breathable.

Helsport Rainguard®, 5000 mm:
Ground sheets are a critical component of all tents, because they are exposed to additional wear and tear. Helsport ́s ground sheets have a great durability and tear strength. The surface facing down to the ground is coated with silicone, which prevents water penetration and reduces drying time.

Scandinavian Outdoor Award 2016 Overall Winner!
When the Scandinavian Outdoor Award was handed out for spring/summer 2015,
Fonnfjell Pro got the most prestigious one.

This is the jury’s reason:
“The Fonnfjell Pro 2 tunnel tent impressed the jury with its unique inner tent
confi guration creating a spacious vestibule with one big front opening and two side
entrances. This offers great ventilation, easy entry and weather protection. The quality
and the workmanship of the materials are of the highest level, for such a spacious and
strong-four season tent the weight is good.”

  • Inner tent with 360° zipper opening and mesh vents
  • Internal storage pockets for easy organization
  • The Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system ensures more fresh air, better quality sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation
  • Patented pole cup and two similar poles make the tent fast and easy to pitch
  • Unique internal pole channel system that providess better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions
  • Guy line points with integrated elastic webbing to collect and prevent the guy lines from getting entangled


  • Capacity (persons): 2
  • Shape: Tunnel
  • Measurement Inner Liner (LxWxH): 130 x 240 x 105 cm
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 230 x 280 x 115 cm
  • Sleeping direction: Diagonal
  • Vestibules: 1
  • Entrances: 3

Weight / Pack size

  • max: 3,22 kg
  • Pack size (L x Ø): 40 x 20 cm

Setup Variations

  • Flysheet can be set up separately: Yes
  • Setup: Flysheet and inner tent together
  • Inner Liner can be set up separately: No

Outer Shell

  • Material: Helsport Rainguard® Pro
  • Water column: 3000 mm

Inner Liner

  • Material: Helsport Rainguard® Pro Floor
  • Material: Helsport Airflow Pro
  • Water column, floor: 5000 mm
  • Mosquito net in entrance: Yes
  • Mosquito net covered: No


  • Material: DAC Featherlight NSL
  • Count: 2

Winter Use

  • Snowflaps: No
  • Vents snowproof: Yes

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